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6889cafeの「original vege food」は、国境も人種も越えて、たとえ食の文化が違っていても、誰にでも安心して食べることのできる食べ物です。

現代は飽食の時代と呼ばれ、いつでもどこでも食べたいものが手に入るようになりました。いつしか食も大量生産、大量消費となり、その結果、私たちの健康までも害するようになってしまいました。食物アレルギーやメタボリックシンドロームなどもその一例といえます。食の安全が問われ、人々の健康志向が高まって いる今、私たち6889cafeは、カラダにもココロにも優しく健康的で、ポジティブになれる、気持ちを込めてつくった食べ物=「REAL FOOD」を提供し、多くの人と"カラダとココロがよろこぶ感動"を分かち合いたいと考えています。

6889cafeの「original vege food」は、カラダとココロを内側からHappyにします。


6889cafe's "original vege food" is universal food, meaning it can be enjoyed
by anyone regardless of the food culture they are familiar with.
We have chosen healthy foods that are good for your body and will make it
work well.

In modern times,since people are able to get enough food easily,
people have started to look for richer, stronger-tasting foods.
As society has moved towards mass-production and mass-consumption,
people's attitude towards food has been changed.
We believe that this situation causes problems such as food allergies and
obesity, problems that have recently risen to the surface and are often
mentioned in the media.

Some people have started to notice how important food is,
and are also more aware of their healthy food with you,
allowing your mind and body to become more healthy.